Keeping the public safe

First and foremost, a medical provider must aim to keep the public and their patients safe from harm, providef high standards of evidence based medical care, have robust clinical governance systems in place and work to standards that ensure public safety.

EDMS consistently achieves this by:

  1. Being led and managed by senior doctors and paramedics.  We believe that a doctor, trained and experienced in event medicine with the right skills and qualifications should lead such a team. This doctor should be a consultant or specialist grade and be fully registered with the GMC.  Those doctors should have the necessary skills to provide advanced care to adults and children with a wide range of conditions.  Where decisions are being made to avoid a hospital transfer, this should be made only by experienced doctors and advanced paramedics.
  2. Making sure our tactical (silver) commanders are qualified to fulfil this role.  For use this means a fully trained tactical commander course as outlined by National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU).  We DO NOT use people who are not trained to this standard to manage our services at large events.
  3. Making sure all of our medical, paramedic, nursing, ambulance and response staff are recruited in line with the NHS safer recruitment model.  We want to know who we have working for us, what their qualifications are, that they are fit to practice, have proper police and DBS checks, and that they are who they say they are.  EDMS NEVER recruits from or uses staff who advertise on social media.
  4. Making sure that our staff receive additional training on the specific needs of the music industry, festival and event medicine.  This includes crowd extrication, PIT working, drug and alcohol care, mental health and working safely
  5. Having robust systems in place to monitor and review care.  This includes audit, care record review, clinical protocol and guideline development, referral pathways, managing risk, incidents and concerns and maintaining a duty of candour.
  6. Making sure that all of our contact with the public, namely those attending your event have a positive experience with the medical service, who can Minimise disruption to them while delivering a very high standard of care.
  7. All of our equipment, consumables, medicines, vehicles and kit are properly procured from new, have full annual service records and are checked regularly