For event organisers

Where public events take place, there is a health and safety requirement to provide an adequate level of first aid. Ambulance and medical cover.  The level of this cover will be in context of your event.  The Event Industry Association has published the Event Safety Guide (Commonly called the purple guide) to provide that guidance for event organisers.

EDMS medical is a specialist provider of event medicine services and for the festival, music, concert and outdoor event industry.  We have over 14 years of experience in providing a high acuity service on-site at a wide range of events with the overarching aim of reducing use of NHS services (such as ambulance and emergency department use) over the course of your event.

We have an excellent reputation and track record of achieving this through senior medical leadership, ensuring high standards of recruitment, robust governance and clinical systems and of course a highly trained and dedicated team of doctors, advanced Paramedics, nurses, ambulance crews and first responder staff.

Our standard set up for major events include:

  • Field hospitals are unsurpassed in the UK with individualised minors, majors, resuscitation, paediatric and observation bays
  • On site near patient diagnostic blood tests
  • On site X Ray (provided by EDMS and not outsourced)
  • On-site critical care staff including sedation, anaesthesia and emergency surgical capability
  • Specific management for Drug induced seizure, malignant hyperpyrexia (we carry Dantrolene Sodium for this) as well as on site patient cooling equipment
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Senior physiotherapy team to manage a wide range of muscle and skeletal injuries
  • Dispensing service for medicines
  • Mental health practitioners able to make direct referrals to local teams.
  • Ambulance services, pit teams, crowd retrieval teams, campsite first aid points

As an event organiser, you need to know that your audience, staff, public, artists and al others on site can receive rapid, professional, expert medical care immediately.  You also need to know this is provided by an experienced provider who’s systems are robust, credible and mirror the high standards seen within the NHS.  EDMS ticks all of these boxes and more.  EDMS are experts in medical planning, safety advisory group work, major incident planning, reporting and helping you achieve the safest event possible.

Let us look after your event, give that peace of mind and make your event great!

Our 10-step guide to organising medical cover at your event

We know that having adequate medical provision is crucial to running a safe event. Below are 10 things we think are vital when considering medical provision for your event.

☑️ That your provider is CQC registered for ambulance transport off site.

☑️ That if a doctor is provided that they are a senior (non-training grade) doctor.  This means a consultant or specialist and in some cases a senior GP.  Junior doctors/training grades should not be working unsupervised

☑️ That all first aid/first responder staff are a MINIMUM of FREC 3 trained (this is First Response Emergency Care level 3).  A first aid certificate/first aid at work IS NOT suitable for event work

☑️ That student paramedics are not used to cover your event unless they hold a recognised qualification (such as FREC 3, FREC 4, ECA or EMT).  Note: a student paramedic IS NOT a qualification.

☑️ That your provider provides evidence that all staff being used on your event are recruited safely, have up to date DBS checks, references, checks on registration and qualification.

☑️ Check that the qualification and training of your medical commander on site – they should be trained to tactical commander level on a NARU course for large events.

☑️Check that your provider has the correct level of insurance in place to cover your event.

☑️ Check the business continuity plans of your provider (note: we have an alarmingly increasing number of last minute requests for medical cover as their provider has withdrawn or closed down).

☑️ That your provider has very clear clinical protocols for avoiding referral to an A&E department.  It’s very easy to ‘keep people out of hospital’ but this must be carefully clinically governed to maintain safety.

☑️ That your provider has produced a clear and comprehensive medical plan for your event.

Medical plan auditing service

Found medical cover but not sure if you are getting the best deal or the right provision?

We offer a medical plan audit service. A senior member of our team will assess your medical provision to ensure they meet adequate standards as set out within the event safety guide (Purple Guide). We have significant experience with planning for events of all sizes. Please contact us below to discuss your requirements.