For artists and their teams

As well as having unsurpassed excellence in providing field hospitals, response teams and medical services for the public, EDMS equally understands the importance and medical needs of your artists, production teams and those travelling with them.  From our longstanding experience we know that time schedules are tight, leaving site for medicines, investigations and referrals is difficult and for many that travel on the day in and out of the UK, seeking medical help is not easy – even though artists may have private medical insurance. As part of our services, we provide dedicated services for your artists in a separate area back of stage or in an artist’s area usually consisting of a team that provide: 

Dedicated artist doctors

A dedicated doctor, experienced in areas such as ear, nose and throat issues, primary care for artists and their family/those travelling with them, travel fatigue, mental health and wellbeing, soft tissue injuries, back pain, sexual health, and long-term conditions.

Specialist physiotherapy services

A Physiotherapist able to assess all types of musculoskeletal problems and ability to offer acupuncture, TENS machines, kinesiology, and ultrasound of acute and chronic problems.

Counsellors and mental health practitioners

Trained counsellors to care for the wellbeing of artists, their families and their teams. Experienced in the management of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and PTSD. 

Private prescription service

Private prescription and dispensing services. Carrying a significant formulary on site and ability to obtain specialist medications allowing artists to remain on site. 

Direct referral to specialists

Ability to make referrals DIRECT to a specialist and hold a video consultation with a specialist from scene.  Our specialists on call will consist of ENT, Maxillofacial, Orthopaedic, Surgical and Paediatric consultants.  This means your artists receive the very best in medical care for a very wide range of conditions.

Diagnostic testing

Ability to undertake X Ray, blood tests, ultrasound without leaving the event or back of house facilities.

Travel and routine vaccinations

Ability to source and administer a wide range of vaccinations, either as part of the routine schedule or specifically for travel or injury. 

Advanced diagnostic imaging

Ability to arrange immediate and direct private scans including CT and MRI scans.

Vitamin and hydration drips

Administration of a wide variety of rehydration drips and injections to ensure you stay fit and healthy during your tour. 

Medical fitness letters and certificates

Issue of medical letters for purpose fitness to travel and signing passport photos.

These are an example of the wide range of medical services we offer solely for artists.  We believe this level of enhanced care embraces a comprehensive package for all people involved in your event.

We can provide these services as part of a larger package for your event, or you can commission them separately from other medical services.

Speak to us to find out more.