EDMS at the recent speedway semi-final playoffs

Ipswich – September 21, 2023: The roar of engines and the palpable excitement of fans echoed at the recent TruMix Ipswich Witches speedway playoff. But behind the thrilling race and nail-biting moments was an unsung team ensuring safety and quick medical response for all: EDMS Medical.

This year’s semi-final saw a significant number of spectators cheering for their favorite teams. With adrenaline running high, it was imperative to ensure the safety of riders and spectators alike. That’s where EDMS Medical stepped into the spotlight, offering unparalleled medical services throughout the event.

Safety First

From the get-go, EDMS Medical demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the event prioritised safety. Medical personnel were stationed strategically throughout the speedway, with ambulances and emergency equipment on standby, ensuring rapid response in case of any incidents.

Regular safety checks were carried out before and during the event. In addition to overseeing rider safety, EDMS also conducted regular crowd surveys, ensuring that spectators were not experiencing any health issues, particularly given the packed nature of such large events.

While the semi-final proceeded without major incidents, there were a couple of minor spills on the track. Thanks to the proactive approach of EDMS Medical, the riders involved received immediate medical attention, preventing any potential complications.

One of the standout moments was when a rider skidded during a tight corner. Within seconds, EDMS’s team was on the scene, assessing the situation, and ensuring the rider’s well-being. Thankfully, the rider was unharmed and even managed a thumbs-up to the cheering crowd.

Several team managers and riders praised EDMS Medical for their professionalism and the peace of mind they brought to the event. Knowing that a capable medical team was on standby allowed them to focus on their performance without added worry.

Spectators, too, appreciated the visible presence of EDMS. For many, it enhanced their overall experience, knowing that their safety was a priority.

The playoff semi-final first leg was not just a testament to the skills and spirit of the riders but also a showcase of EDMS Medical’s unwavering commitment to safety. As the Witches and their competitors gear up for the next round at Foxhall Stadium, one thing is certain: with EDMS Medical on the scene, everyone can rest a bit easier.