Driver Medical

If you are applying for or renewing a group 2 licence. You must have a D4 examination carried out by a GMC registered doctor.

Medicals for lorry drivers

EDMS Medical undertake medical examinations for HGV/LGV drivers and for people applying for provisional licences.


Provisional licence application

You need to have a medical examination before you can apply for your provisional licence. Most likely, by the time you contact us, you will have already been in contact with an LGV training school. If you have, they will probably have sent you an information pack with a D4 medical form. This form is the medical record of your examination so when you come for your medical you need to bring this with you.


Licence renewals

DVLA require existing lorry drivers to have a medical at the age of 45 and then every five years until the age of 65. After 65, the medical has to be done every year.
DVLA will usually send out a reminder letter, together with the D4 medical form, a few weeks before your medical is due. You can usually work out when your next renewal/medical is due from the expiry date on the back of your plastic licence, and if you think your renewal is becoming due and you haven’t heard from DVLA you should contact them.


PCV licence renewals

The medical examination and D4 medical form are exactly the same for bus and lorry licences, so if you have both licences and they are both coming up for renewal, you just need the one medical, and the one form completing by the doctor, and you can renew them both together.

If you are worried about any medical problems and whether they will affect your licence entitlement please feel free to contact us for advice.